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Tascam dr-40 instructions

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    Tascam dr-40 instructions
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    Top element. Linear PCM Recorder This device has a serial number located on the bottom panel. Please record it and retain it for your records. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. If this should happen, wash it off with clean water and then consult a doctor equipment, please contact your city office, waste disposal service or the immediately. The unit power should be off when you install and replace batteries. The return and collection systems are available to the end users. Setting the mics to record a wide stereo sound Bottom Panel . Setting the mics to record a clear stereo sound Recording Screen . Setting the format of file names. SD card, and will by default produce 44. NOTE button to select the file to play when playing back or stopped To pause recording, press the RECORD button. Press the and the Home Screen is displayed. RECORD button again to restart recording in the same file. Manual carefully in with ID3 tag v2. NOTE A note provides additional explanations for special situations. If you are uncertain about your rights, contact your legal advisor. Under no Precautions for use circumstances will TEAC Corporation be responsible for the consequences of any illegal copying performed using SD cards are delicate media. In order to avoid damaging a card or the card slot, please take the following precautions when the recorder. User registration electrical device such as a power amplifier. See the end of this manual for details about user registration. Press and hold to solo channels 3 and 4. Press and hold this button to search backwards. MARK button to return to the previous mark. Lights when the input volume is too high. Press this button to open the screen. Home Screen and play the file or the first file in the folder from the beginning. LINE IN jack, confirm that the phantom power for that jack is OFF. If you connect or disconnect a mic while phantom power is being supplied, that mic and this unit could be damaged. All buttons are inoperative when hold is ON. Insert an SD card into this slot. Use these to adjust the input level. When not using the included tilt foot, it can be stored by inserting it between the two protrusions on the inside of the battery compartment cover. This shows the current file number and total number of files in the current playback area. Skipping forward ending point is set. This shows the name of the file playing back or its tag information. Recording format ID3 tag information is shown when available for an MP3 This shows the file recording format. B position on the scale as a Recording standby or Recording paused guide mark for input level adjustment. Level control function status icon is displayed when loop playback is enabled. Automatic level control on shown. The set starting and ending points of the loop are shown. ON and OFF status of the loop playback function. Press when the screen is open to set the MS decoder. MIXER REC MODE button Opens the screen. REC MODE When the screen is open, returns to the Home REC MODE Screen. AA batteries, or through an the unit to accurately determine whether power is available for proper operation. In such a case, keep sufficient distance between the AC adaptor and the unit. MARK button to confirm the change following illustration until it clicks into place. OTHERS NOTE You can set the unit to automatically add the date to file names. Move the switch to the unlocked position in order to record, erase and otherwise edit data on the card. When the microphone pair is closed, the left microphone microphone. You can attach the included tilt foot to the tripod threads in order to keep the mic orientation from being too low. Point the mics at the sound source and place the unit in a stable location where there is little vibration. Use stereo plug cables to connect to the output of an external signals. In such cases, use the headphone jack or other audio device. OFF or turn the output level all the way down. ENTER button to enable the mode and return Using the Level Control Function to the recording screen. The selected mode is shown with an icon in the recording The level control function for recording through a microphone screen. The input level is controlled automatically to increase or The settings available are different for each recording mode. The MIX OVERDUB mode mixes the playback sound and input sound to create a new file. The SEPARATE OVERDUB mode creates a new recording file with only the input sound. This mode can be selected from the parameters. When recording starts, the indicator lights continuously, sound file will be saved in the currently selected folder. SELECT remaining recording time. Recording file base number 1 Press the REC MODE button to open the REC MODE screen. In this mode, you can still raise the input level manually even when recording. Dual recording file names Dual recording allows two files to be recorded s filexlib.
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